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This is a Nevling couple and their shared domains!

This is the first post on a series I’m planning to do whenever the comic is inevitably delayed (like this week unfortunately!) to expand and explore the assorted denizens of Kellwood. Most of them will be deep-forest folk, who we haven’t seen yet because we’re only now getting into that in the comic! Some might be creatures we’ve seen already amongst the fairies and goblins in the Demon Market. Requests welcome about anything in the background you’ve been curious about!

(A map has been requested, I’m working on that!)

Today’s subject is the Nevling, a fay-folk that I loosely developed years ago, but in more recent years Nick helped me co-develop and refine the concept.

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Rebloggin’ Nevlings! Next up is sprites and pixies soon as I finish the darned art for it! After that is a certain wolf-creature. Requests are still welcome if there’s any readers here who are curious about any of the races/creatures in my comic.


hey guys, I just had a pretty cool idea. you know how next week (october 26- november 1) is asexual awareness week? it is INCREDIBLY important that everyone, asexual AND allosexual, makes it a Huge Freaking Deal. let’s make it blow up. let’s make it so that next year is asexual PRIDE, not AWARENESS. 

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