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I have a serious problem with images like this. While it implies both are good there is an obvious bias towards those who show introversion in many of these posts and images. Implying or (as this sample does) outright stating that those who are extroverted are boorish ape people who think books are doorstops and who only GO GO GO all the time. It also implies that the introvert can’t enjoy time with friends or group outings from time to time.

All around I think images like this are toxic to the understanding of the people around you. By creating such a LARGE GAP between something as silly as introversion and extroversion and throwing in elements of elitism (IE, Because I was born this way/ Prefer this lifestyle I am more educated and all around better than you) one only further removes the humanity from the situation. We are all people and should be treated as such, no one person is better than the other based on merit of introversion/extroversion and, no one person must fit a mold provided for them of introversion/extroversion they found on the internet. 

So stop making this shit.

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